Accepted Insurances

No Surprises Disclosure Act

Thank you for choosing our surgery center for your medical procedure.  We are an in-Network provider, meaning we are contracted with your Health Insurance.  This means that, your In-Network benefits will be applied to our facility charges.  Additional claims will be filed with your Health Insurance from ancillary providers, directly related to your procedure.  A few examples are anesthesia, pathology, lab work or durable medical equipment.  In the case that any of these providers are not contracted with your Health Insurance, you are protected by the No Surprise Bill Act.  This act provides protection by stating other providers involved in your procedure can only bill you as if they were contracted with your insurance company versus treat you as if your Health Insurance was not contracted.  Please contact us with any questions or for the full No Surprises Act Notification.

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • HMSA
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Evercare
  • Ohana Medicare/Medicaid
  • Aloha Care
  • AARP
  • Tricare
  • HMA
  • HMAA
  • MDX (including UHC, Cigna, etc.)
  • Desert Mutual
  • UHA


Question: Why am I receiving more than one bill for the same surgery?
Answer: There are a number of separate charges associated with your surgical procedure.  You MAY receive charges from several companies.

  1. Windward Surgery Center facility fee
  2. Your anesthesia provider: his/her fee for the surgery
  3. Your surgeon’s office: his/her fee for performing your surgery.
  4. Your pathologist: services for tissue specimens removed during surgery requiring further examination.

Question: What type of credit cards do you accept?
 We accept Visa and Mastercard.  We also have another payment option called Health First Financial.  Please contact our office for more details.

Question: When should I expect my first bill? 
 We will bill you for your co-insurance and/or deductible after your insurance company has paid your claim.  This time varies depending on your insurance company.

Question:  Why is my invoice amount different from the initial estimate I received?
Answer: There are a few potential reasons (list not exhaustive).

  1. Before the procedure/surgery is actually performed, the center can only estimate the amount that is due from you based on the initial information given to us from your doctor. If the procedure changes in any way, this can affect the final payment due.
  2. Your insurance company ultimately determines how much a patient owes the center. If for some reason this changes due to contractual issues, your estimate will vary.
  3. If your procedure involves implanting items such as plates or screws, the center can only provide an estimate prior to the procedure as what is actually needed to best take care of you may change once the physician evaluates you during the procedure.
  4. The taxes on your invoice will vary based on the amount paid. If the amount changes for any of the reasons above, the taxes will be adjusted as well.
  5. This list is not exhaustive, please contact us with any further questions you may have.

Question: Are we able to set up a payment plan?
Answer: If you require a payment plan please contact our office at (808) 218-6850.

Question: What is included in my bill?
  The bill you receive from Windward Surgery Center will be for the facility fee only. 
You will receive separate invoices from your surgeon and anesthesia provider and/or pathologist (as applicable).

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